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December 4, 2011
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Slenderman kept his easy pace through the forest, he scanned every inch of the woods. Night was his favorite time to be out, no human child could see him from a distance. The night clouds covered the full moon, stars were scattered across the sky.

Summer nights meant camping, camping meant children. Sadly, he wasn't seeing any signs of nearby activity, all he heard was crickets, owls, the harsh wind, and... crying?

Slenderman bolted to the sound where the sobbing was coming from, from a close enough distance, he saw some one with messy, long raven hair and a hoody. What stood out was the blood that soaked the hoody in every bit. Now Slenderman was cautious.

Though it wasn't like the kid could hurt him in anyway, but he had encountered his kind before. How he'd hate to get his suit bloody. He backed away slowly so the child wouldn't look up from his sobbing. But he did, and saw the tall slender figure that stood in the shadows of the forest.

He fell silent.

Though he had no eyes, Slenderman could see exactly what kind of thing this human was. Pure white face, and carved in mouth, it was carved into an unnerving smile. The burned bottom lip was a bloody shade of red. But that more frightening detail was his eyes. The lids were burned leaving blackness to surround his eyes, their stare was piercing. This was no child. It was a monster.

"Hi... I'm Jeff..." the boy spoke up. His tone was surprisingly casual. Wasn't crying. He had been laughing.

Jeff wasn't afraid of Slenderman, nor was Slenderman afraid of Jeff. He just had his limits, such as not wanting blood all over his suit and this stranger clearly did not mind getting soaked in blood.

Slenderman didn't really ever interact with strangers other than children, (which this one was clearly aged) naturally he would flee to shadows, but he could sense something within the young man. A connection.

"Good evening... If I may ask, why are you covered in blood?" Slenderman asked, politely.

"...My family couldn't sleep..." Jeff responded, a hint of satisfaction in his voice.

Slenderman could inference what events took place in the house this evening. But he could not be the least bit fazed by his actions.


Suddenly, the Slenderman sensed fury, rage and blood lust coming from the human before him.

"Mommy and Daddy lied..." he growled, his hand that wielded the bloody steak knife trembling.

Before he could respond, Slenderman felt a cold, blue feeling from Jeff.

"...Liu was tired..." he sadly responded, seemingly out of no where from his previously angry tone.

"What happened to your face?" Asked the Slenderman, changing the subject before Jeff could say more.

"What happened to yours?" he retorted bitterly.

"...Do you have any shelter, Jeff? You seem to be running away from home. Where exactly are you going if you don't mind my asking?"

No response.


"Mi vida es tormento."

Slenderman pitied the poor creature. He can't go home but he certainly can't stay here! He was just a young teen, who would shelter him in his appearance? Who could accept him for what he has become? But then again, it's not like Jeff wanted company. They're all liars. All of them.

The tall dark and face-less has always been without friends, family, company... Who needs that from humans?

"No where... I can't go home now..." Said Jeff as he moved his gazed to the forest floor. The grass moving slowly with the wind. He let out a short throat laugh.

"There is a dark realm of strange creatures such as myself. All of us are different in our own special way... Outcast and monsters beyond imagination roam free amongst each other... This is a realm I am free to call home."

The killer did not respond, only listened to what the Slenderman was saying with interest. A whole realm of things like him?

No humans... No Bullies... No lairs.

"Come with me, you must no longer remain in the territory of humans."

"But...I'm human." Jeff responded, as if he were ashamed.

"Not after you cross. You'll stop by here to do what you must as the rest of us do. Haunt, stalk, corrupt or kill... But when you go creepypasta..." Slenderman explained, reaching his hand out.

Jeff hesitatingly took it.

"... You don't go back."
Just a cute little short story of how Jeff came to the realm of creepypasta~



I am very surprised this got more than 40 favorites. I've read this over and I think it's a bit out of character for Slenderman to be friendly and inviting in this way. And it's sort of a cliche ending. But I'm glad y'all like it.

Edit: Fixed some spelling errors

Commentary 8/3/12 : fkjgkdjgksjglodskf OVER 700 VIEWS AND 70 FAVS?! There is A LOT of fanfics that are WAAAY better than this that should be getting this much attention I bet. XD

Commentary 8/8/12 : WhyDoesThisContinueToGetFav'd. I will from now on make small minor tweaks to the story whenever I feel like it. And I'm writing another Slender story. I'll post the link when it's ready.
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